How to Purchase

Contact us today to find out how to become part of the Kool’s Chicken ‘n’ Fries team.

Whether you have an existing food outlet, or are about to develop a new one, Kool’s can ensure you get the right package for your location and premise size. Kool’s have a range of three specialised pressure fryers to create steaming hot and spicy chicken within minutes, with the flavour locked in and with up to 42% less fat than some other deep-fried brands of chicken.

The fryers take up minimal space and are provided as part of a customised package for each license holder. The package includes signage design and creation, menu boards, cleaning equipment, advertising material and more – let the Kool’s team provide you with everything you need to create your success.

Kool’s will work with potential licence holders to ascertain whether Kool’s is right for you. Initial training and support is provided for free, with on-going support readily available.

Join the team of Kool’s – make your growing business more viable. Enjoy an increased revenue stream and satisfy your customer’s hunger for a tasty, convenient and memorable meal.