About Kool’s

Kools Chicken ‘n’ Fries was founded in 1991 and since then has grown due to the company’s total dedication to a great product of succulent fried chicken and hot fries, creating the perfect takeaway option for those looking for great convenience food.

Ideal for businesses such as dairy’s, existing food outlets of any size and convenience stores, Kool’s Chicken ‘n’ Fries can be installed into existing premises with a minimum of fuss, utilising a small space while providing a new revenue stream.

Licenses are available now in many locations around New Zealand. This is not your average franchise opportunity. Kools offers the chance to purchase a licence to operate the Kools proven system.

Kools offers you flexibility and creativity to work with the brand in your current premises – adding value to your business almost instantly.

Healthier than other deep-fried alternatives, Kools Chicken is yummy, crispy and a proven successful takeaway option. Your loyal customers will constantly be tempted back to enjoy Kool’s moist, delicious chicken as their chosen chicken takeaway meal.

Contact us today to find out how it can work for you.